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Storage Services

Our top-rated storage facilities are part of a worldwide network of over 25,000 warehouses under Federal Government contracts.


Since our facilities are Department of Defense approved, they are inspected and audited by DOD officials on a quarterly basis and must conform to the highest standards. These on-going inspections ensure that our facilities continue to maintain world-class ratings.


Our indoor climate-controlled facilities are secured by professionally monitored alarm systems that include:​

  • Infra-red motion detectors

  • Closed circuit video monitoring

  • Heat sensors

  • Sprinkler system​​

Our external facilities are protected by:​

  • Barbed wire

  • Razor wrap fencing

  • Halogen lighting

  • Long-range perimeter photo-sensors

  • After-hours onsite security personnel


Short-term or Long-term, residential or commercial, our clean and secure storage facilities offer great value-for-money for all your storage needs.

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