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Packing and Supplies 

Packing and loading Service

Packing the right items in the right cartons is important. Used cartons may have weak areas that will crush easily or may be odd sizes that will not load and travel well. We use only the most reliable packing products to ensure that your move is the most secure:

  • Standard Cartons

  • Mattress Cartons

  • Mirror Cartons

  • Wardrobe Cartons

  • Dishpacks

  • Special Crates​​

Special Safeguards

  • Stretch Wrap Protection: Protects upholstered furniture from dirt and tears.

  • Blanket Wrapping: Large items, such as wooden dresses or exercise equipment, are wrapped in special 
    professional grade "blankets" to protect them from scratches, dirt and other things while moving.

  • Specialty Packing Needs: Whether you need a mirror packed in a carton or a specially constructed crate for a family heirloom, just let us know and we can provide you with that special protection.​

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